On August 11, 2014

Wedding on INDEPENDENCE day 2014?

Our company has a wedding today. A wedding on Memorial Day…

Some people have weddings on holidays thinking that it will help the guests with lodging accommodations, vacation time and so forth. For the most part this thinking is correct.

It does require a larger commitment from your wedding guests, family, friends and Wedding Crashers ūüôā

Our company does not charge extra for holiday service. If we agree to provide our services on Christmas Day, the price will usually be the same as a wedding on a Thursday in September.

Today our company is providing the wedding cordinator the music for the ceremony &¬† music for the reception… as well as videography.

It continually shocks me that some people do not find the value and videography. I am NOT trying to diminish the importance of traditional wedding photography, but if a picture is worth a thousand words & one second of video comprises 24 to 30 frames of pictures… then a videographer job is worth millions of words.

You only walk down the ceremony aisle once (hopefully)
You only have a first dance once
You only have a father daughter / mother son dance once

The toasts/speeches that are spoken that day will become cloudy memory 20 or 30 years in the future. For the sake of posterity, family, and history I implore you to have videography at your wedding.

If you want your wedding to be perfect and have a wedding coordinator if you are easy going and don’t mind having hiccups, mistakes, missed time entries and/or a little bit of confusion etc. That wedding cordinator is not needed with our team. R3 d j team are very capable handeling a wedding without a cordinator. But it is impossible for our d_j to be in 2 places at the same time. I was speaking with a potential client for their wedding in a few months and they were contemplating the necessity for having a wedding coordinator. They assumed the DJ would be able to cue the bridal party to walk down the ceremony aisle and change the music that was playing for their specific song. This defies the laws of physics, but I didn’t put it to her that way. I explained that if the DJ was changing the music at the DJ station, it would be the responsibility of the bridesmaid for groomsmen or bride to hear the music change and begin walking at that time. I followed up by explaining that the ceremony only happens once and if the bridesmaid, groomsmen, or bride missed their cue, it would have a rippling effect on the rest of that moment.

Its all choreography people!

This will be a Vietnamese American wedding today.So for the wedding today I was very happy about the fact that I would be coordinating because I love weddings and I love when a wedding goes smoothly.

We have to have multiple microphones for translators.

The ceremony will be at a different location so we need to have multiple PA systems.



Last minute wedding at Marina Village?!?!?

This morning at 3 a.m. I received an email from the bride & groom finally sent me their music and song selections.  And then

at 8 a_m I received another email with more music & timeline instructions… JUST HOURS BEFORE THEY SAY “I do” ?!?!?!

I am confident that with our team’s experience we will still do

great, but I would BEG anyone reading this to please please please complete your timeline and music choices before your wedding day… a small request on behalf of the wedding professionals around the world ūüôā

This makes things very stressful for the bride, the groom, the family of everyone, our photographer or videographer, our DJ, our wedding coordinator, the caterers etc. and it does not have to be like this.

I should’ve expected this because they contacted our company 3 weeks ago to plan EVERYTHING… so this really cones as no surprise BUT it is still not a good thing to be planning your wedding on the day of your wedding

Thankfully this is a simple but clean wedding design and I actuallt like this kind of wedding design because the attention is focused on the guests rather than the decor.

… and it saves you some money ūüôā



Wedding rehearsal walkthrough San Diego Botanic Garden

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to spend some time with one of my wedding planners. Our company will be participating in a wedding will be taking place at the San Diego Botanical Garden. It’s a beautiful venue in the city of Encinitas. The garden has tropical arid climate sections. Although I have been to the San Diego Botanic Gardens many times in the past, this was my first time where I explored all of the garden.

Our entertainment company will be providing mostly media services for her wedding. We will be providing a coordinator, a DJ and video services.

This will be a cultural wedding so we will need to have a translator/interpreter. This will require our company to provide multiple microphones for the translators and interpreters.

Its important when planning a wedding to think of these types of variables otherwise you can plan everything perfectly but if the people can’t understand what’s being said… then it’s just “another party” and not a “special wedding”


Weddings are wonderful

We had a blast participating in weddings last year in San Diego.  We offer complete all inclusive packages for our clients which

include DJ, PHOTOGRAPHY, VIDEOGRAPHY, CATERING, FLOWERS, CAKE, LIMO, CHAIRS & TABLES and more.We are happy to provide our services to the San Diego community because this is our home and we are proud to provide excellent service for our neighbors.
We had a wonderful wedding at the Admrial Kidd Club where we did EVERYTHING!!!
We released doves, had a photobooth, shoe game, and much much more.



fun DJ presentation we made almost 8 years ago

OUR DJ services highlighted by a video that one of our DJs created:

DJ request funny video from our pals over at R3 Entertainment



Boy oh boy have we been busy with


packages during the month of September!!!

We put together a few montages from two weddings in particular that we enjoyed very much…

We had the chance of participating in Kelly & Mike’s wedding at the La jolla Woman’s club. We love weddings at the Woman’s club because we have been involved with wedding packages at that particular venue longer than any other venue in San Diego. The Woman’s club staff is helpful, Sharlene, Rich & the whole gang love our company and the great services we offer, but most importantly the La Jolla Woman’s club staff loves that R3 ENTERTAINMENT creates an environment that allows a person’s wedding to “be on time” but flow naturally instead of feeling “rushed”. Our DJ, PHOTO & VIDEO team work in perfect unison to ensure that every moment of a person’s wedding is captured.
Basically we create an atmosphere where a person’s dream wedding can come true.

Beach weddings can be tricky for some people because of the speaker system, microphones, music etc. but R3 ENTERTAINMENT beach weddings happen almost every weekend. We know how to give you the beach-side wedding you only imagined was possible… Our wedding package can be used at any San Diego wedding location with COORDINATOR, DJ, PHOTO, VIDEO, CAKE, FLOWERS, LIMO etc.

If you have a funny wedding idea that you want to implement at your reception, we do everything within our power to make it happen, but we will also be there to pull back on the reins if we think your idea might not go over so well based on our past wedding experience.

The service you receive from R3 ENTERTAINMENT’s complete wedding package is “top notch” and the price CANNOT BE BEAT. We are preferred vendors at most of San Diego’s highest rated wedding venues and we have great working relationships with everyone in the business so if you decide that you want a carriage ride, ice sculpture, magician, belly-dancer, piano, guitar, harp, violin, cello player… we can provide all of that under one roof so you can stop stressing and just enjoy the planning process. People that complain about their wedding planning being a nightmare did NOT use our company : )



Check out to view more images and videos of our complete media package services.
Visit to view more photos and videos of our complete media services

Visit to view more wedding videos and photos of R3 services

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R3 ENTERTAINMENT weddings during July

Check out our website for more videos and photos of our wedding media packages (DJ, PHOTO & VIDEO)

R3 ENTERTAINMENT July Weddings (complete media packages)

Click on this link to visit our website for more information on our complete media packages which include DJ, PHOTOGRAPHY & VIDEOGRAPHY.
Our website shows pricing, images and videos of our media services.

Weddings over the past few months March

We have had a blast during the past few months. Weddings every weekend… busy busy busy.


What a blast we had with Hannah and Gabe

It was one of the most memorable weddings we have been a part of and Hannah was one of the sweetest brides we’ve met :)The families of both the Bride and the Groom could not resist the dance floor with our DJ playing such awesome tunes!Our Videographer was able to catch all the special moments without disrupting the fun. Our company is very proud of the ability we have to be organized and prepared but allow the evening to flow naturally… as it should be !!!


Wedding celebrations in February

Every day in February feels like Valentines Day… especially when participating in weddings!
We had the pleasure of donating a wedding package to a lucky couple at the San Diego Botanical Gardens’ special event “An Evening of Romance in the Gardens”. Many different catering companies, and other wedding companies showed up to support the SDBG in unveiling their new wedding ceremony area.
We had such a wonderful time and our DJ Randy played a fantastic mix of music throughout the night and was complimented repeatedly on his selections and MCing abilities in keeping the evening flowing.
By the end of the evening, after it was dark, the tunes got a little more danceable and before you knew it there was party going off on the dance floor!!! We had grandmothers, married couples, single guys and gals, and even some of the local vendors cut loose and danced the night away. We absolutely love what we do and it showed that evening.
Thank you to all who participated at the event and We’ll be posting more images of the event on our blog soon.


La Jolla Woman’s Club January 2011

We love weddings and we get the most joy out of a wedding when we hear the bride and groom tell us that “its more beautiful than they could have imagined”. We love to exceed expectations and Justin and Kaylee’s wedding was no exception. The music was phenomenal as the DJ kept the dance floor movin’! Our Photography and Videography team was always in the right place at the right time to catch every subtle nuance and look of the big day.The bride’s beauty took your breath away and the ceremony brought tears of joy to everyone. What a picture perfect way to celebrate the happiest day of your life!!!

R3 ENTERTAINMENT was honored to bring so much joy to such a wonderful couple.

Our professional team was able to catch some of the most adorable moments because we take weddings personally and do not treat the biggest day of your life as “just a way to pay the bills”.

Our award winning services include everything you need to transform your wedding into something more magical than you could have ever imagined.

Once again, R3 ENTERTAINMENT wants to thank you Justin and Kaylee for your wonderful personalities which was a testament to why our company has been involved with weddings for over 12 years. You two are amazing!

Paradise Point January 2011

The bride and Groom were whisked away for a short photography session immediately following the ceremony and it was clear to see that these two lovebirds were head over heels for each other.

Our team of professional photographers are amazing at blending a modern feel with a classic touch.

The vibrancy of the colors can only truly be captured with top notch wedding specialists like R3 ENTERTAINMENT

What a privelage it was to have been a part of the wedding of Kandi & Rady! It was truly a delight to have been able to provide our DJ, Photo and Video services for this beautiful couple.
*special note: The groom had prepared a special musical number which he sang along with all the seven groomsmen harmonized as back up singers.
Lighting was phenomenal the R3 ENTERTAINMENT team enchanted all the guests with their award winning room decor.On behalf of OEW we wanted to give a shout out and thank Kandi and Rady for such a heartwarming experience.

Coronado Community Center January 2011

Just showing off some of the dynamic color contrasts, lighting, and other services R3 ENTERTAINMENT provided this weekend! The Bride and Groom were a wonderful couple and their wedding was full of special surprises from their family.


January was full of weddings!!!

La Jolla Woman’s Club Garden is a quiet, beautiful and picturesque location for a ceremony.
We were so happy to have been a part of Brad & Kim’s special day! Our DJ managed to take this photo with his phone camera and we cannot wait to get the images back from our OEW photography team.
The ceremony was full of tears of joy as special dedications were made to loved ones no longer with us physically, but whose love could be felt by the Beautiful Bride and Handsome Groom.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Hello All!!!It has been over a decade, so we figured we’d make sure that this whole “internet” fad would stay strong :)We have been very busy recently and our DJ/MC and Videography packages are being booked up until 2013!!!We appreciate all the support from our team as well as the many many many photographers that have recommended us over the years.¬† Because of your referrals, we have completely ceased from outside advertising because we are being booked so frequently.We also want to thank the special catering companies that continue to support and feed us :)We’ve added some images to this post just to give you a little taste of what we’ve been up to recently and some of the wonderful events we’ve been honored to participate in.Be sure to subscribe to our blog and check us out on Facebook to help boost our ratings online and thereby acquiring even more clients which we will make happy.

Take careR3

FRIDAY, APRIL 30, 2010

DANCING (heather & james)


This is a fun little dance montage showing the fun times and cute moments that happen when the dance floor is really moving…

We work very closely with the best DJs in San Diego and have developed strong relationships to ensure that communication is seamless, which results in great footage.

– Twilight Weddings


WEDDING FAREWELL (heather & james)


Even though its been said that most people only remember beginnings and endings… Twilight Weddings will ensure that all your moments are captured so you will not only remember the special entrances and exits… but be remember the whole day.


Ceremony preparation (heather & james)


This is a little video snippet of a wedding we shot recently. It highlights the “getting ready”. The music was selected by the bride & groom and it was also used in their wedding ceremony.


We can customize all of our wedding videos.



One of the most special moments of the wedding is the preparation. Its a time that the bride can take a moment with her bridesmaids & family to reflect on what brought her to this moment in her life.Jokes are made, tears are shed and happiness is just an “I do” away when the bride is getting ready and our Twilight Wedding Team is there to make your dreams a reality.We will include some clips of a wedding for which our company did videography work in the style selected by the bride and groom.- Twilight Weddings



Here are some images of from several weddings we participated in during the month of April.
Enjoy !!!



Hello friends,While our website is being reconstructed, we thought it would be a good idea to archive the many many many weddings we have participated in over the years in a journalistic style… hence our new blog!We look forward to hearing your feedback on what you like and would like to incorporate into your own wedding.We work very closely with the highest rated companies in San Diego and our Twilight Weddings has been a part of hundreds of weddings offering professional and personal care for over ten years.FYI:
Our website is currently being reconstructed. We have been fortunate enough to receive the majority of our business from refferals and our website had been the same since our company first began 10 years ago… so our website looked a little “retro” and we felt it could use a face lift :)Be sure to subscribe to our blog and we will let you know the minute the new website is up and running.- Twilight Weddings



Our dance floors will allow your outdoor wedding to still allow you to bust out your sweet dance moves without grandma getting her heels stuck in grass
If you would like to have a little stage to sit higher than everything else we also offer stage risers.


We offer specialty tent rentals for large outdoor events to safely avoid the unwelcomed natural elements, as well as providing a space to have specialty lighting for your big day.

If a large specialty tent is not needed, R3 ENTERTAINMENT can provide breezy canopy tents – perfect for outdoor brunches, or a backyard wedding.

GOBO Lighting

GOBO lighting, uplighting and tree lighting is a combination that will make your wedding more memorable than you could ever have dreamed.

A beautiful combination of uplighting, GOBO Lighting as well as tree lighting will transform your wedding into the most amazing day you’ve always dreamed of!!!

Uplighting and Tree Lighting options are availableWe design your unique uplighting or treelighting to best beautify and enhance your wedding.

We give you several options to work within your budget and still have fabulous uplighting or treelighting
We’ve done uplighting at almost every wedding venue in San Diego and we have floorplans to help you decide on what would work best with your wedding budget.


more lighting options

Uplighting choices reflect the colors of your wedding to maintain a consistent moodYour tree lighting options will look classy not trashy with R3 ENTERTAINMENT

GOBO lighting is produced by creating a unique design and having it laser-cut into a specialized steel disc. This wedding couple decided to have their initials projected on the floor which is a very popular choice.

Another couple chose to draw an artistic representation of their second love “surfing”
GOBOs can come in metal with a high degree of detail, or they can come in glass with the highest amount of detail as well as the option of including colorsGOBOs can come in metal with a high degree of detail, or they can come in glass with the highest amount of detail as well as the option of including colors



GOBO lighting looks beautiful on a dance floor during dinner and adds a classy accent to all your photos.GOBO lighting works during the day and outside just as well as it does indoors in a dark room.
GOBOs of Family crests, or other familial designs will make your wedding extraordinary and a day to remember for you and all your guests. They will say “wow” for years to come when thinking of your wedding day.

GOBOs can be simple, or extremely detailed… either way, it looks beautiful!!!!

We always encourage you to consider combining uplighting, tree lighting and GOBO lighting to get beautiful photos such as theses…



MONDAY, JULY 6, 2009

R3 ENTERTAINMENT’s 1st Blog!!!

We’re two steps behind but we’re catching up. We’ll soon allow you to twitter us oooooohhhhh.
We hope you enjoy our weekly posts of weddings and other events our company hosts.
Thank you to all of our former and future brides and grooms!!!

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